Saturday, January 19, 2013

Interesting Diabetes find..

I found this to be informative. I was up early to watch (child sit as she isn't a baby) Girly.. I turned on the TV and seen one of those infomercials about diet. Now this one boosted that using it could eliminate diabetes. I couldn't believe that they were talking about this. I didn't catch the name of it, and I plan to re-watch it hopefully it will be on again tomorrow so I can take down the number and name of the product. I just hope no one out there thinks this can take away Type 1 Diabetes.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Meet some of the family

Well we made it through another week. My oldest son had an emptying study done, this was to see how fast or slow food and liquid travels through the belly. I didn't know what it would come out to, but the solid food study came back fine. We are waiting for the liquid results, hopefully it will be fine too. I took him to the Dr after his dad was diagnosed with celiac disease. My oldest was tested 2 years ago with blood work, he tested positive. But when we went through 2 different biopsies, they both came back negative. We have changed Dr. and this one says there may not have been enough biopsy' taken. So because the 2nd biopsy's  results may not be correct because he still had food in his tummy. This leads us to the hole emptying stuff. So, we went and sat at the hospital and had 2 different times and he had both done and he did well.

I hope to hear from the Dr next week. But I know I will be busy. My 2 older boys started wrestling, and because I don't trust just anyone with my oldest care. I am there at every practice, there to make sure they are paying attention and the the oldest doesn't fall low and not feel it. G (my oldest) went to the nurse today and he was 66 and he didn't even feel like he was low. This morning was the same way, he woke up at 72 (now he wasn't technically low but he was right on the boarder) and he didn't feel anything. I am thinking I need to start saving money and when there is a lab puppy maybe next year, buy one. I know they are great dogs, and they can sense those kind of things. But I will have to see.

My Big G ( husband), I took him to the Dr and they need to check his neck the arteries to see if they are flowing correctly. I am so scared, he has had 1 heart attack (he was 36) they put 1 stent in, he had to go back to get 2 more stents put in shortly after. In 2010 he had open heart surgery, a quad bypass, and then just a week ago he had another stent put in. I was also told today he has a blockage of 40-50%, but they don't do anything until they are over 80%. So I am scared I am going to loose him. I have been beside this man though drug abuse (his & he choose me over them) and through heart disease, diabetes, and alcohol. I can't explain the stress I feel on a daily basis, and I have no one to talk to. Since his surgery in 2010, he has been diagnosed with PTSD, bipolar, OCD, depression and he has severe panic attacks. I try to keep him calm and safe while he is having an attack. I feel so helpless, I can't help him I have no clue how to help.

My Middle son (C) is having trouble with him teeth. He had to have a cap put on and now he may need the tooth pulled. Luckily it is a baby tooth that will fall out anyway. But I still don't like him in pain. And again there is not much I can do. He is also having tummy pains, I am beginning to think it may be celiac too, but I know if I bring it up to Big G he will through a fit. He thinks I am a hypochondriac. But I just know I get feelings about stuff and I just know. I knew Big G was sick before he knew it.

My little son (J) has not been without his problems either. He has milk intolerance's, it gives him upset tummies. He has slipped up and grabbed the wrong cup and drank it. He has also been having vision troubles. I have an appointment but not until March or April. I don't understand why I have to wait...

Saturday, January 12, 2013

What we have been up too...

Sorry I haven't been here. There has been a lot going on. But in 2013, this is our year to change. We are starting to work on doing Random Acts of Kindness (ARK) for 1 stranger(s) per week. We have done 1 so far, me and our oldest son paid the bill for the person behind us at Dunkin Donuts. We were on our way to the Hospital for some test on him. He had a stomach emptying test, both solid and liquid studies. I am hoping they are both good, I know the solid one was good. Also, my dear husband went into the hospital for the placement of a stent. With this one he will have 4 stents in his heart, and he has had a quad-bypass in 2010. So we are just taking everything day by day.

I still am stuggling with weight loss, I have missed  my weight watchers meetings over the last 2 weeks so I don't even know if I have done good or bad with weight right now. I am hoping to be down, but I understand I have not been watching or tracking what I eat. So I will need to get myself back on track. I know I do where my active link from weight watchers and I have made it to 10 points this week. I am well over my goal because my goal (I am not very active) is 4 points a week, but do to all the walking to and from drs and hospitals this week I have done it. I made goal and then some. But I am paying for it today I don't think I have moved much today, I and about to go get my TENS until and wear it, just so I can make it to the bathroom and back to my seat.

I sit here and think how blessed I am to have my children, Husband and we are all alive. I can't help but think about everything in the news lately with all the shootings. I can't imagine not having my children, or even how to say goodbye to them. I mean I can imagine the saying goodbye, because of what we went through with LJ. But I didn't actually have to do it, he survived.

So here are my goals...
1. To post on here, at least weekly-
-Our ARK, our ARK for friends or family and my weight loss.
2. I am hoping that monthly I can post something about our diabetes, celiac or heart issues...
3. Something about our boys and there activities-right now it is all about Wrestling, our 2 older boys are in PeeWee Wrestling.
4. Monthly something about our home-we are slowing remodling and finding our style. We purchased our first home it is from the 1900's so we can do a lot with it.

I have been looking around on Pinterest, Facebook and diabetes sites. So I will hopefully have a great year on posting.