Saturday, January 12, 2013

What we have been up too...

Sorry I haven't been here. There has been a lot going on. But in 2013, this is our year to change. We are starting to work on doing Random Acts of Kindness (ARK) for 1 stranger(s) per week. We have done 1 so far, me and our oldest son paid the bill for the person behind us at Dunkin Donuts. We were on our way to the Hospital for some test on him. He had a stomach emptying test, both solid and liquid studies. I am hoping they are both good, I know the solid one was good. Also, my dear husband went into the hospital for the placement of a stent. With this one he will have 4 stents in his heart, and he has had a quad-bypass in 2010. So we are just taking everything day by day.

I still am stuggling with weight loss, I have missed  my weight watchers meetings over the last 2 weeks so I don't even know if I have done good or bad with weight right now. I am hoping to be down, but I understand I have not been watching or tracking what I eat. So I will need to get myself back on track. I know I do where my active link from weight watchers and I have made it to 10 points this week. I am well over my goal because my goal (I am not very active) is 4 points a week, but do to all the walking to and from drs and hospitals this week I have done it. I made goal and then some. But I am paying for it today I don't think I have moved much today, I and about to go get my TENS until and wear it, just so I can make it to the bathroom and back to my seat.

I sit here and think how blessed I am to have my children, Husband and we are all alive. I can't help but think about everything in the news lately with all the shootings. I can't imagine not having my children, or even how to say goodbye to them. I mean I can imagine the saying goodbye, because of what we went through with LJ. But I didn't actually have to do it, he survived.

So here are my goals...
1. To post on here, at least weekly-
-Our ARK, our ARK for friends or family and my weight loss.
2. I am hoping that monthly I can post something about our diabetes, celiac or heart issues...
3. Something about our boys and there activities-right now it is all about Wrestling, our 2 older boys are in PeeWee Wrestling.
4. Monthly something about our home-we are slowing remodling and finding our style. We purchased our first home it is from the 1900's so we can do a lot with it.

I have been looking around on Pinterest, Facebook and diabetes sites. So I will hopefully have a great year on posting.

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