Monday, April 23, 2012

Random Randomness...

Well not a lot has happened, we are continueing our home search. And let me tell you , as a property virgin. I am so confused, my husband and I have looked at about 15 homes. We have made offers on 2 different ones and lost both. I mean I am so stressed out right now. I am realizing my mood effects my weight, and my breasts. I never realized how much emotions play into your body. But back to house shopping. The first one we looked at, we liked, so held off to see what else there was. The Husband was scared about if we pick the 1st one we may loose out on the next one. So we put in an offer on a 2nd one we both loved the kitchen....Well we didn't get it, to our relief. So our journey continues.
I guess maybe I am being too hard on myself, I feel like crying. I want the best for my family and I get such a mindset that I can't see anything else and I obess about everything. I started thinking about some of the other homes we have looked at and needless to say. One of them is out because of a silo, do you believe that one?? I mean a silo, means it can have animals, not that we would have any other than our dogs and a cat. But with our loan it is a no go. And we can't have anything with peeling paint, or stucco showing. Oh and we can't have a trailor no matter how nice it is or how much improvements are made. So that leads us to just a hand full of houses. And the husband is a music nerd. He has a large DJ system that he plays once in a while, so that rules out anything in town. I mean he could play at madison square garden and people across town would be able to hear him I think. So we can't have any close neighbors. That leaves us with even fewer houses, and I don't want to leave the school district. Some people may think I am being foolish, but my boys are my world. They are in school and are happy with friends they have had since they started. I moved around a lot, I only went to 9th grade and I went to 13 different schools. I was a loner because of that. I don't want my kids to be that way. I want them to have bonds with there friends, not be like me and think every friend is replacable. I think that is the best way to put it. I have 2 people whom I talk to that I have known since I was really young. Now are these 2 people whom I am in constant contact with no. If I don't speak to them for a couple of weeks, things are fine. We aren't close like that. I am very upset because I see woman who have had friends since they were kids and are lifelong friends..I don't have that and I think it is because I moved around so much, I am not doing that to my kids. Even if it is our last move. I don't know, maybe it is me. And I have to work on that one. But that is another story. Well time to go..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Paint Chip Project.

This is the First one of my 4 picture frames I dresses up. Sorry there are no before Pictures.
I got the idea from a couple of different sites. I am trying to find the main one so I can give her credit.
This was not my Idea but once I started, I am looking around my house and there are so many other ideas that I think I have found my new craft object.
I mainly work with Plastic canvas but I know I can put paint sample strips in there somewhere.

Here is the other 3. They all have a little saying.
I love the saying ~Live~Laugh~Love~
So I printed and cut them out then taped them on the picture.
The paint chips I used I took 2 of the same color,
I layed them on the table length wise.
Dark to light then the other was light to dark.
Centered the picture with the colors where I wanted them
Cut it out and slid the pictures in. I purchased the frames at the Dollar General,
for a $1.00 each. They are 5x8 my photos are 4x6 so I filled in open places with color.

Okay so I kinda got my brain going but that is the site that got it going..
So I took her idea and expanded on it.
I love just looking around at others crafty things,
and then trying it with a little of me into it.
As you can see I like the idea, of using paint chips.

As I said before these boys of mine are my anchors, they are why I get up in the morning.
So I plan to put these pictures up around my house so I can always see them smiling.
For anyone who has children they fight often, and about little things-shoes, one touches the other they looked at one another, you know the typical sibling stuff. And with it being spring break in our school-it is fighting almost everyday, I wish it was nice out because i could shoe them out doors. We have been singing a lot of rain, rain go away...It hasn't helped one bit.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Hello. This is a small post to Welcome you to my world. I am a stay at home mom who is battling weight loss. Oh I know a lot of us are. But I am willing myself to loose 100 pounds or more. I currently weigh 316.0 pounds according to my Weight Watchers weigh in yesterday. Yes I am struggling, I am also still recovering from having breast reduction surgery in Oct 2011. They took 16 pounds off, 8 pounds per side. I never knew how a bra was suppose to fit until after all the healing was done, and I am proud to say I went from a 44M to a 42DD..And before you ask yes the do make bras that size but I could never afford them, so I crambed all that into a 44DDD and still wore 2 bras. So I ma relieved to only have to wear one bra now.

On to my boys, I have 4 actually. There is my oldest he is 44 and we've been happily married for 9 years. And we have 3 wonderful boys, 8, 7 & 5.  I will do more on them later. I am going to let the dogs in now. Talk to you later...