Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Paint Chip Project.

This is the First one of my 4 picture frames I dresses up. Sorry there are no before Pictures.
I got the idea from a couple of different sites. I am trying to find the main one so I can give her credit.
This was not my Idea but once I started, I am looking around my house and there are so many other ideas that I think I have found my new craft object.
I mainly work with Plastic canvas but I know I can put paint sample strips in there somewhere.

Here is the other 3. They all have a little saying.
I love the saying ~Live~Laugh~Love~
So I printed and cut them out then taped them on the picture.
The paint chips I used I took 2 of the same color,
I layed them on the table length wise.
Dark to light then the other was light to dark.
Centered the picture with the colors where I wanted them
Cut it out and slid the pictures in. I purchased the frames at the Dollar General,
for a $1.00 each. They are 5x8 my photos are 4x6 so I filled in open places with color.

Okay so I kinda got my brain going but that is the site that got it going..
So I took her idea and expanded on it.
I love just looking around at others crafty things,
and then trying it with a little of me into it.
As you can see I like the idea, of using paint chips.

As I said before these boys of mine are my anchors, they are why I get up in the morning.
So I plan to put these pictures up around my house so I can always see them smiling.
For anyone who has children they fight often, and about little things-shoes, one touches the other they looked at one another, you know the typical sibling stuff. And with it being spring break in our school-it is fighting almost everyday, I wish it was nice out because i could shoe them out doors. We have been singing a lot of rain, rain go away...It hasn't helped one bit.

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